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Where do perfect teeth come from? While it might seem like so many people possess ideal smiles, most of them didn’t come by their teeth through genetic luck. The majority of the smiles you admire were made with dental treatment. From friends to co-workers to celebrities, those with the greatest grins have had some help from porcelain restorations, orthodontic treatment, or hydrogen peroxide.


When you’re ready to take your smile to that perfect place, we’re here to provide the right treatment path. For many patients, that path is Niskayuna porcelain veneers. These thin restorations remake teeth while keeping you comfortable in the dental chair.


The State of Your Smile


Time is an enemy of our teeth. Its slow passing causes dental problems and aesthetic flaws to build up, leading to a final smile that might not look or feel like your own.


Some of the common causes of changing teeth include:

  • Bruxism - Grinding your teeth will end erode your enamel, alter your gum line, and cause tooth sensitivity. While it is possible to treat bruxism (with a mouth guard), you can also reverse its effects after the fact with porcelain veneers.

  • Genetic predisposition - Based on your genes, your teeth may be more likely to shift as they age and alter your occlusion. This can cause visible crookedness and an uncomfortable bite.

  • Accidents - Things happen - and they can detract from the appearance of our teeth. Small cracks, chips, and stains add up to a prematurely aged appearance.

How Will Niskayuna Porcelain Veneers Make A Difference?


Sure, cosmetic dentistry should accomplish your aesthetic goals - but it shouldn’t do this at the expense of patient comfort or oral health. Veneers help you feel good about undergoing treatment, because they are conservative and don’t require significant reduction of your teeth. They can also help protect your natural tooth structure, and reduce sensitivity.

If you’d like to learn whether veneers are appropriate for you, just contact us. We’d love to tell you more about your cosmetic dental options, and craft your own perfect smile.

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