Understanding Dental Implant Surgery


Have you heard rumors of dental implants? They may sound a little intimidating, but they offer second chances to so many patients looking for restorative dentistry. With the number of adults with missing teeth, there has to be an effective solution available. Dental implants are an attractive option for those missing one or more entire teeth. And if you’re living in Troy, you don’t have to look far to find this restorative treatment.

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As a resident of the Capital District, you’ve likely spent time in each of our three cities. The last time you visited Schenectady, were you looking for dental implant providers? If you’re just beginning your search, we’re here to help. Dr. Robert Scotto’s implant placement expertise makes him a top provider, and one with countless happy implant patients. If you’d like to learn more about treatment with our practice, simply get in touch at (518) 374-9770.


How Does Dental Implant Surgery Work?


Each patient’s treatment process will vary slightly, depending on his or her unique needs. But there are certain steps that are universal.

  • Consultation - At your first appointment, we’ll evaluate your teeth, gums, and jaws. Dr. Scotto will decide on a detailed treatment plan.

  • Preparation - You may need to take a preparatory step like a bone graft or periodontal treatment to get ready for surgery. Dr. Scotto will help you through each aspect of preparation.

  • Implant placement - During implant surgery, the titanium implant/implants are placed in the jaw bone. Abutments (connecting pieces for restorations) may also be placed at the time of initial surgery.

  • Healing - You will need to take some time for your implants to successfully heal. We’ll provide you with instructions and aftercare pointers.

  • Restoration placement - Once your implants have healed properly, restorations are placed atop them, completing your smile.


Troy Dental Implants with Dr. Scotto

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